A Little Bit About Us

What Inspired Us to Create The XChange Shop

Here at The XChange Shop our goal is to connect outdoor people to outdoor gear. We want to give you a fun, easy to use platform to buy, sell, exchange or trade your outdoor gear.

The XChange Shop was created with the adventurer in mind. We wanted to create a place that allowed people who loved the outdoors to procure and exchange their gear. Whether it is Flyfishing, camping, hiking, biking or just enjoying the snow or sunshine our main goal is help people get outdoors and get equipped.

Whatever your next adventure is use The XChange Shop to gear up with some of the best gear available at great prices. This life is pretty amazing and we believe it’s best spent outdoors so get outdoors and get equipped.


Our Location

We are located in the great State of Colorado and daily enjoy everything this beautiful state has to offer.  Ft. Collins is an amazing spot that provides an endless number of places to get out and explore. So whether you decide to go paddle boarding, go for a run or spend a day fly fishing we want to help you get outdoors and get equipped for whatever adventures await.

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